Monday, September 27, 2010


or Memory Lane in All Its Awesomeness

Well, I’ve been meaning to start a blog. I hear it’s a good thing for a soon-to-be bestselling novelist to do while still in the soon-to-be phase of the ultimate plan of fame and fortune.

But sometimes one needs inspiration. And here it is, The Rejectionist is holding a nifty Public Humiliation Uncontest today. What is this awesomeness you ask? A call for childhood journal entries. Seeing as I just very recently started cleaning out the garage and uncovered a whole cache of journals and notebooks from yesteryear, I felt my participation was writ in the stars. Thus, FIRST POST!! FIRST POST!! FIRST POST!!

Here you have it: My Awesomeness in the making.

The First Novel (4th grade/9 years old):

Summer Mysteries

#2 [I guess #1 was coming later]

L and S Mysteries

Map of Holiday Park Hotel, Spring Land, and Summer Land. Fall Land and Winter Land– closed til winter, continue off the page [in theory].




III. THE T.V. REPORT…………..16


V. LOCKED OUT…………………24



(Bunch of crap crossed out)



“Yes,” said Latosha Allen “at last. Last day of school she said to her best friends Shanell Copper who sat next to LaTosha. “Sheesh” Shanell sigh, she always seemed to like school”

“Geesh we’ll only be out three months” said Latosha as they entered cafatera.

“I can’t wait til the party” said Shanell

“Yeah, medium pizza every group” said LaTosha

“I’d rather have a personal pan pizza” said Shanell. They laughed getting snack from the snack mashine.

“I brought my camera. Want to take pictures of the school campus?” said Shanell.

Inside back cover:

I wrote this book when I was 9 years old.


[One day I’m going to have to post the whole thing. I really was brilliant and ahead of my time. This gem features hot air balloons, bad spelling, and recently escaped fugitives of the law.]

Just One of My Brilliant Story Ideas (circa jr. high/apprx. 11-13 years old):

Here Kitty KittyKitty

Kitty (Catherine) is a person who just stayed to her self and her friends Buddy and Kyle.

When Hunter askes her out she says, sure. One there 7th [scratched out] After a few dates, Kitty’s (twin) sister tries to kill hunter (Kitty’s really Salt, her sister’s Pepper. They were raised to be assisins by a institute that the government cut 2 years ago there was no evidence {just rumors} About S. and P. S. went with a teacher or somebody who worked there. P. went with the Dr. because his dad (losing elections) wants someone to kill Hunter because [scratched out] for sympathy votes.

[I know it’s tempting, but try not to steal this one. I’m still going to write this one someday, using the same names and all.]

The Teenage Years (10th grade/freshly 15 years old):

January 22, 1999 [pretty sure I meant 2000 as the entry before was 8/11/99]

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Everything else I’ve not mentioned.

I was just thinking. When I actually complete a novel, and when goes up in stores, I’ll probably spend the 1st couple of days at a bookstore, telling people to buy the book :) Random thought,


[next to drawing] supposed to be a hand.

[Note: That is still the entirety of my marketing plan.]


  1. I had the same random thought about my first novel. This was last week though. Should I not lurk in the aisles and tell people to buy it?

    The maps and the drawings are great. I might want to fight you for the Salt and Pepper plot. Assassin twins are going to be the next big thing (and I already tried my hand at vampires).

  2. Perfect. Love the chapters crossed out, the map, the butterfly stickers. And "the snack mashine" has to be a band.

  3. OMG, social media has NOTHING on standing in a bookstore telling people to buy your book.

  4. "[One day I’m going to have to post the whole thing. I really was brilliant and ahead of my time. This gem features hot air balloons, bad spelling, and recently escaped fugitives of the law.]"

    But... but... that sounds like one of my two WIP (bad spelling excepted, of course)!

    This is all very awesome. :D

  5. JA: We should totally collaborate!

    maine: I'll play the drums (as soon as I learn to play)

    Rejectionist: My thoughts exactly.

    Claudia: The bad spelling is the bad part! Why would you leave it out?

  6. Cacy-I'll be right there in the aisles threatening and bribing people to buy yours...violence is accepted, right? I mean do you CARE how your book gets sold?