Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Somesome some some to be forgot, there’s no place like home…

Wait. That is how that New Years song goes, isn’t it?

Eh. I’m not going to dwell on it because…

Hurrah! The Rejectionist always throws the best uncontests, and look at this she’s hosting another!

I tend to think myself capable of way more than what the laws of time and space and reality generally allow. Kinda like how in the 3rd grade everyone in my class was supposed to make a dinosaur diorama in a shoebox. My parents had just bought a new refrigerator and naturally when I came home with the assignment I announced that I wanted to make my diorama in the box that the fridge came in. I got a parental veto on that one.

Thinking big. Not a bad thing, but sometimes impractical. (I did still have the biggest and best dinosaur diorama in the history of elementary school dioramas though, even if it wasn't the size of a refrigerator.)

That said, my list started out a bit longer than the three I narrowed it down to, and all items were about equally time consuming. If I manage to totally rock out these three resolutions, then I’ll go ahead and take on more. I’m pretty sure it’ll be more encouraging to my delicate psyche if I go with an additive approach to this rather than subtractive. Then I can be all, “Woo! Look at me! I’m rocking my resolutions so hard that I keep adding more just to give myself something to do!” instead of, “Boohoohoo. I couldn’t handle my super impossibly long list of resolutions. I have to take things off and refocus. Woe is me. Self love deflating.”

Abruptly and without further rambling,…

Things I am resolved to do:

Post on my blog on a regular basis

No less than once a week, because I don’t want, “Eh, I don’t feel like it” or “I can’t think of anything” to be my excuse for a half-assed blog when there are so many more worthy reasons for something to suck.

Set and meet at least one specific writing goal a month

Which for me is more effective than a word count goal alone. This month (and for the next few months) I’m focusing on Ink In the Gutter, a project I’m collaborating on with a friend. By the end of December I will complete the script, thumbnails, and preliminary character designs for fifty-web-comic-pages worth of material.

Foster a drawing/painting habit by practicing on a daily basis

This one is on my list because a capable of years ago I made the decision to seriously focus on writing, and I got a lot accomplished. Then one day I needed a break from writing and was stumped as to what to do instead. After walking around in circles, I stopped and asked myself, “Wait, wasn’t there other stuff I used to do besides writing?” So here I am, trying to get some of that other stuff back. My writing goal of the month includes a visual, so that helps.

Woo! I'm ready! Gonna rock this like a hurricane!

Good luck to everyone participating!