Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Tandem Wednesdays: Sleep Is For the Weak! (Or the Well-Adjusted, whatevs)


It is 5:40 in the morning as I begin to write this post. I’m not usually up this early. If I am, most likely it’s because I’ve been up all night doing something super important like finally clearing my email’s inbox. This morning—or, er, yesterday morning I had 8,824 messages in my inbox, 6,018 of which had been unread. I’m able to give you the exact number because I was just emailing my cousin about it this—I mean, yesterday morning. Which is what inspired me to clean house.

I got rid of about 6,000 emails and organized the rest into folders. Now I only have like three emails in my inbox. THREE! It is so weird. All that blank space is just staring at me, gaping, empty. There’s something unnatural about having only three emails in one’s inbox! I can’t help but think that my inbox is cold. Like a dog that’s had all its fur shaved off except for a few ineffective tufts around its face and paws.

The earliest email I had in my inbox was dated 1970. (It’s those blasted time travelers mucking up the time stream again!) The next earliest messages were from 2004, when I first switched over to this account. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I deleted my “welcome to the club” email just a few short hours ago. It was interesting to read all my old emails and be reminded of what I’d been in the middle of a year ago, three years ago, six. I also found some correspondence that made me laugh. Here’s my favorite:

Subject: email email

this is an email. email. sending an email. email email email. your are reading an email. i am writing an email. email email email.


So awesomely random.

I apologize in advance for all the typos I don’t catch. Did I mention it’s (now) 6:11 in morning and I haven’t been to sleep? I don’t feel especially tired and am even considering picking up a book after I post this, but something tells me my lack of sleep may effect my typo-catching abilities (which ain’t so grand to begin with).


  1. I'm savage about keeping my email box pretty tidy. I hate it when I get spam messages from family with youtube links and no commentary from them. I look in the address description and they emailed it to like twenty family members and friends at the same time. Oooh...and my pet peeve...the email chain letter. /grates teeth.

  2. YES!!! I hate the email chain letter! I tell people, I don't believe in bad luck and you know I'm not going forward those so stop cursing me by emailing them to me!

    I got rid of tons of messages when I did a search using "fw" or "fwd" and deleted what came up. That was like a thousand by itself.

  3. Ugh....chain letters. The bane of my existence. Particularly when they're not from a Gmail account.