Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Power Is Don Cheadle's and Why I Love Meg Cabot

If you were ever a fan of Captain Planet or even if you've watched an episode in passing or if you've just seen a clip out the corner of your eye, you really have to watch Funny or Die's live action adaptation featuring Oscar-nominated, Don Cheadle. ( on pic.)

Head's up: You might not want to watch this around the kiddies.

I'm going to go watch the first episode of the cartoon now. In the meanwhile, take Meg Cabot's "Which 80s Film Heroine Are You?" quiz.

Turns out I'm the blond one in this poster:

"Congratulations! You are a TOMBOY TEMPTRESS. The 80s teen film heroine you are most like is MARY STUART MASTERSON from SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. True to yourself and loyal to those you love, you don’t have time for makeup and high heels. "

I can't deny that this is my archetype, and the MC from my current WIP - as a reflection of me - totally proves the point.


  1. I loved Some Kind of Wonderful. Brings back memories of my high school days.

  2. Don Cheadle is great! Just don't ask him to do an English accent...

  3. Michael - 80s teen flicks are Some Kind of Wonderful (I just thought of that. Just now. Clever, right?)

    Neil - Or Brad Pitt, apparently. They can't all talk British as brilliantly as me, mate. (Note: I'm doing it now.)