Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Writers Partner with Illustrators…

My thumbnail:

Jose’s medium study (which means "not the finished thing," which I think is crazy because it looks ready to go to me!):

He talks more about the process of choosing how to use the medium here. Interesting stuff.

And on to the stylish blogger award which I received from Marjorie a ba-jillion years ago, but am just now getting to post my response for.

Seven things about me…

I’m really excited about the new Stroke’s album Angles which comes out this Tuesday! (pleasedon’tsuckpleasedon’tsuckpleasedon’tsuck)

A few of weeks ago, I ran my cell phone’s battery down to 0% (while it was plugged into the wall and charging) because I was playing Angry Birds FOR HOURS.

That self-satisfied smirk those pigs give when you loose a level really stokes my fury! (Smug pigs! Won’t be so smirky when I crush you!)

Cinnamon deserts and drinks are my favorite. (Churros and horchata all the way, baby!) Followed by lemony stuff.

Parenthood is currently my favorite show and it’s exciting for me because after the personal devastation of Pushing Daisies being cancelled I thought I’d never love again.

At the dentist last week, I had this song stuck in my head:

(I’m sure I’m the only person that has ever happened to.)

I used to watch Little Shop of Horrors A LOT as a kid.

Now, ten bloggers who are stylin’ and profilin’ (while in the sun—name that quote!!):

Elena Solodow

Jenna Quentin

Jenna Wallace

DU Okonkwo

Girl Friday

Cathy Webster

HowLynn Martin

Madeline Bartos

Malachi Ward

Faith Erin Hicks (I know I just posted something about her a little while ago, but she’s kinda my unofficial comics creator of the month and I think everyone should read EVERYTHING by her!)

And, on a completely unrelated note, because it’s awesome:


And, okay, one more (only because you asked):

Such funny!


  1. I'm honored...thanks for the award! And I love Little Shop of Horrors. On my list of "If I'm ever a millionaire" things to do, one is to produce Little Shop in community theater!

  2. Heck yeah! Can I be in it? I do I great Audrey impression!

  3. Oh that 2012 video is amazing :D Thanks for the award, much appreciated!

  4. So surprised and thrilled - thanks for the award! Ialso liked cinnamon stuff, but here in France they aren't too keen on it, so I haven't had a cinnamon roll or cinnamon in my apple pie since whew! too long. I loved Steve Martin's dentist song - I have to say, even after suffering in the chair and for days afterwards, that I crossed over and worked as a receptionist for a dentist. I did have that evil feeling of joy saying "Glad it's you and not me. Next!"

  5. Welcome. You're all awesome!

    Girl Friday - "Cause I thought maybe it would be me, but everyone would be okay with it two minutes later." "No, no. Welcome to the family."

    Jenna-Gasp! How could a WHOLE COUNTRY not like cinnamon! Sacre bleu! Ooh, but speaking of apple pie, at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory they have an apple pie apple, which sound redundant but it Sooooo cinnamony good. Next time you're stateside (not sure the store is international) you should definitely put it on your list of things to indulge in.